Our people

De Kleine Houtrakkers has been a household name in Haarlem for years. It is an exceptional child care center driven by a family business. We strongly believe that our family-oriented approach is one of our greatest strengths and sets us apart from other child care centers. By taking good care of our people, they can take good care of the children.

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What do our teams look like?

Every day our experienced team is in front of your children. To ensure that daily tasks run smoothly, we always work with a standard team:

Educational professionals

Each group consists of permanent pedagogical professionals. Often there is also one professional in training, this is a student who is present in the group for at least one year. She is supervised by the permanent colleagues and learns all the skills so that she can become a permanent pedagogical professional herself. 

Supporting colleague

In addition to this group of employees, each location has support colleagues. These are the domestic worker and the group helper. The domestic worker prepares daily hot meals that the children feast on. The group helper provides just the extra pair of hands that can sometimes be in short supply. 

Site Manager

The site teams are supported by the site manager. Behind the scenes, they put everything in the best possible order. From child and staff planning to contact with suppliers and parents. In addition to their work, they go out into the group to see how they can best support the employees in their work. 

Why do educators choose us?

We are permanently progressive in the implementation of our pedagogical policy. De Kleine Houtrakkers moves with the times and anticipates the collective bargaining agreement changes. Our starting point is to take good care of our staff so that they can take good care of the children. We have significantly reduced the workload and we focus on retaining existing employees. Much of the administrative work has been taken away from the group so that colleagues can keep their focus on the children. 

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Employees speak out

"We work with themes and have a library card, which allows me to take a monthly trip with the children to borrow themed books. I also enjoy taking the children to neighborhood playgrounds and parks.

We organize challenging developmental and theme-based activities, looking at the needs of the children. For example, for theme 'theater' I organized a theater performance for all parents and children with my colleagues. This was a huge success! I really like the trust in me and the creative freedom I get!"

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