Placement Policy

Parent(s)/caregiver(s) can sign up their child(ren) with no obligation via our digital registration form. Registration costs nothing and you are not attached to anything.

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How does signing up work?

To increase the chances of getting a spot of your choice, it is important that parents register their child(ren) on time. When a child is enrolled, it means we start processing the enrollment. After enrollment, a child is placed on the waiting list. 

When a spot becomes available, you will be contacted by one of our staff members. Once we have received the signed agreement sent by us and have signed it ourselves, the placement is final. 

Questions? Please feel free to contact us. You can do so at or by phone by asking for the site manager. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When we talk about applying, enrolling or registering your child, it means that you are sending us information because you want to place your child. You do this through the form on our website. You provide your personal information and indicate whether you have placement preferences. Registration is optional and free of charge. You are not attached to anything. After you have registered your child, we will start working on your registration. As soon as we have processed your registration, one of the managers will send you a confirmation. As soon as a place becomes available, we will contact you to discuss the possibilities. 

We work with waiting lists at both locations because we receive more applications than we have child spots. We work with two types of waiting lists:

  • Internal waiting list: parents who already have a spot for their child get on this list. It is a priority list for siblings, for requests for additional fixed days and requests to switch fixed days. 
  • External waiting list: a list for children who have not yet been placed.

To increase your chances of getting a spot, we encourage you to enroll your child in our daycare as soon as possible. As a small-scale daycare, placement options are limited. We will take your preferences into account during our scheduling and do our best to meet your needs.

In order to have a new spot available for you, we depend on changes in child and staff scheduling. In addition, factors such as your desired start date, number of days and preferred days are influential. This makes it difficult to estimate how long it will take for placement opportunities to arise. The more flexible you are as a parent, the more likely we will be able to make you an offer.

In the event of family expansion, the location managers ensure that the sibling is placed on the internal waiting list. Precisely because we are small-scale, filling out a registration form again is unnecessary. You can send an e-mail to and the location managers will process the information on the waiting list. Please mention in the e-mail:

  • How long you have been expecting (and when you are due)
  • From when you expect to need childcare 
  • The degree of flexibility in start date and preferred days and location

De Kleine Houtrakkers operates day care. Day care involves children ages 0 to 4 staying in a child care center. Also known as daycare, nursery or crèche. We do not provide care for children ages 4 to 12 years old.

It may happen that parents have found care elsewhere or have decided not to bring their child to daycare. It is very important for us to be informed of this. We do not remove parents from the waiting list unless they have asked us to do so. Please let us know by emailing By doing so, you are not only helping us, but more importantly, the other parents on the waiting list.  

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Would you like to come in and see us first?

You are more than welcome for a tour at De Kleine Houtrakkers in Haarlem. Press the button below and make an appointment for a first meeting. See you soon!

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