Placement Policy

Parent(s) / guardian(s) can register their child(ren) without any obligation via our digital registration form. Registration costs nothing and you are not committed to anything.

How does the registration work?

It is important that parent(s) / guardian(s) register their child(ren) early to increase the chance of a place of their choice. The sooner the better. There is often a waiting list. This means that we have processed the registration, but there is not yet room for your child(ren) at the desired location and/or for the desired days. Your child's registration will then be registered on the waiting list.

Feel free to contact us about the current waiting list situation and what we can do to increase your chances of finding a suitable place for your child(ren). If you do not want to continue with the registration, you can easily cancel it in writing by e-mailing us.

If a place becomes available, you will be contacted by one of our employees. After we have signed the registrations forms which we have sent you, the placement is final. Your child is then guaranteed a place at childcare center Kleine Houtrakkers.

Register your child

Receive a suitable offer for a registration. Together we look at your wishes and our possibilities. Do not be too late to pass on the data, because our offer is constantly changing. Please note: no rights can be derived from this.

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