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Click on the button below for our full complaints procedure. The complaints procedure states what parents can do if they are dissatisfied or have a complaint. It also describes how complaints from parents are handled and registered.

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How do I file a complaint?

We think it is very important to have a good relationship of trust with parents and carers. We do our utmost to take good care of your child(ren). However, it may happen that you are not satisfied and have questions about what to do. If there is anything, don't hesitate to contact us. It is best for all parties involved if a complaint is discussed and dealt with as quickly as possible. Parents or carers should preferably first discuss a complaint with the person directly involved. This way we can find a solution together as quickly as possible.

Don't want to contact us directly? Parents can also discuss their complaint with the parents' committee. The parents' committee can give advice and serve as a mediator between parents and De Kleine Houtrakkers. All complaints are handled in accordance with the complaints procedure. If the options do not lead to satisfactory solutions, a formal complaint can also be made.


Childcare Complaints Desk

If the internal complaint handling does not lead to a satisfactory solution, parents can ask externally for information, advice and advice. This is possible at Klachtloket Kinderopvang, located in The Hague.

Disputes Committee

Children's center De Kleine Houtrakkers is affiliated with the Disputes Committee. You can register the dispute via the website In some cases it is important to submit the complaint directly to the Disputes Committee.