About children's center De Kleine Houtrakkers

De Kleine Houtrakkers has been a household name in Haarlem since 2010. With our true Haarlem family business, we are proud to have welcomed so many children in recent years.

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Our goal

When we were founded in 2010, one thing was clear to us right away: We are deliberately going to call ourselves a "Children's Center" and not a "Day Care Center," because children are going to do more with us than just "stay." Children can develop at their own pace through their own path. Every child is unique. We watch and respond to individual needs. We do this in a group with different ages, just like in a big family.

We try to create a homely atmosphere at all our locations with playful and challenging, but at the same time quiet elements. In this way we ensure that your child immediately feels at home. When children know where they stand, it makes them feel safe and secure. 

Smiling child at Children's Center the Little Woodrakkers.

Small scale

We know how important it is to provide a safe and trusted place for your child's development. We work with a small team of experienced professionals, which allows us to offer a personalized approach and to support and guide the children in their individual needs. All staff members know all the children. Therefore, the children feel immediately at ease. 

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Contact with parents

We value our personal contact with parents. The children are special, but we always take the time to listen to the parents' wishes and needs. We believe in open and transparent communication. It is important to us that children feel comfortable and that parents can leave their child with peace of mind. 

By talking to each other regularly, we can build good cooperation and ensure a smooth transition between home and childcare. The lines are short: parents often have direct contact with the person dealing with their question, which facilitates communication and cooperation.

The team

To create a homely atmosphere, we always work with a permanent team. The children have fixed faces and their own mentor. This not only creates a bond of trust, but it also creates peace in a safe and familiar environment. We value trust and building bonds. We like to be a second home for children. Parents can always contact our team for questions and we are happy to think along with you.

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