About Childcare center Kleine Houtrakkers

De Kleine Houtrakkers has been a household name in Haarlem since 2010. With our real Haarlem family business, we are proud that we have been able to welcome so many children in recent years.

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Our goal

When we were founded in 2010, one thing was immediately clear from the beginning: We will consciously call ourselves a "Children's Center" and not a "Daycare", because children are doing more than just stay the day. At De Kleine Houtrakkers, children are given the space to develop at their own pace and in their own way. school age. Each child is unique. We observe and respond to individual needs. We do this in a group of different ages, just like in a large family.

We try to create a homely aesthetic at our locations with playful and calm yet challenging equipment. This way we ensure that your child feels immediately at home. When children know where they stand, it gives them a safe and familiar feeling. 

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A listening ear for parents

De kinderen zijn speciaal, maar wij nemen altijd de tijd om te luisteren naar de wensen van ouders. Ouders met specifieke wensen voor hun kind zitten door deze aanpak bij ons op het juiste adres. Wij vinden het belangrijk dat de kinderen zich op hun gemak voelen en dat ouders hun kind met een gerust hart kunnen achterlaten. Met baby’s volgen wij de routine die de ouder thuis ook heeft. Bij de oudere kinderen proberen wij de wensen van de ouders mee te nemen.

The team

To create a homely atmosphere, we always work with a dedicated fixed team. The children see "fixed faces" and get their own mentor. This not only creates a bond of trust, but it also creates calmness in a safe and trusted environment. We place great value on trust and building relationships. This is needed in order to be the second home for children.

Register your child

Receive a suitable offer for a registration. Together we look at your wishes and our possibilities. Do not be too late to pass on the data, because our offer is constantly changing. Please note: no rights can be derived from this.

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