Pedagogical vision

Similar to a good home situation, a relaxed and warm atmosphere is the basis for our pedagogical action. We aim to support our children in their development, while providing a warm and pleasant environment. 

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Our goal

Our staff is genuinely interested in our children and curious about what drives a child to "do what they do." They respect individuality and look for each child's interests. Children are naturally curious and inquisitive, and learning through play is an essential way they explore the world around them and develop skills.

A place where your child:

Play-based learning is a powerful way for children to build skills, knowledge and understanding. It allows them to grow and develop naturally and enjoyably in a variety of areas. By giving children space to play, we encourage their curiosity and creativity, and lay a solid foundation for lifelong learning.

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Developmental work

Every child is allowed to be and all children are given the opportunity to discover who they are. Each child is unique and develops at his or her own pace. Our team therefore stimulates the areas of development by offering as many different materials and activities as possible. This way, children are stimulated to discover where their interests lie. 

Interaction with the child

Our talented team cares for and guides children through:

Receive complete policy plan?

For a more detailed description, please request our Pedagogical Policy Plan via the contact form. In it you will also find practical information about the Kleine Houtrakkers and the protocols we use.

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