Pedagogische beleidsplan

Similar to a good home situation, a relaxed and warm atmosphere is the basis for our pedagogical actions. We aim to support our children in their development, while providing a warm and pleasant environment. 

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Our goal

Our employees are genuinely interested in our children and are curious about what motivates a child to “do what it does”. They respect the individuality and look for the interests of each child. By working in a child-oriented way, the children can playfully develop their qualities in their own way and pace. The leaders base the game as much as possible on interfaces with the development areas for primary school. In this way, Kleine Houtrakkers ensures that the transition goes as smoothly as possible.

At Kleine Houtrakkers an atmosphere is created in which the child:

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Ontvang een passend aanbod voor een inschrijving. Samen kijken wij naar jullie wensen en onze mogelijkheden. Wees niet te laat met het doorgeven van de gegevens, want ons aanbod verandert voortdurend.

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Volledige beleidsplan ontvangen?

For a more detailed description, you can request our Pedagogical Policy Plan via the Contact Form. You will also find practical information about Kleine Houtrakkers and the protocols we use.