What does a day at a daycare center look like?

day at a daycare center

Have you ever wondered what a day looks like at child care center De Houtrakkers? Within our daily program, the leaders respond to the individual needs of children and are attentive to the wishes of parents. In broad guidelines, we can tell you what a day looks like.

Each child has their own tribal group with permanent pedagogical staff. De Kleine Houtrakkers works mainly with vertical groups. In a vertical group, a fixed daily rhythm is extra important. A daily rhythm provides clarity, confidence and relaxation.

07.30 - 09.30 - Walk-in time

First, we start quietly. One child wants to color and another child wants to do puzzles. Each child is given space for creativity and fantasy play. Freedom of choice is paramount during this free play moment. This way they playfully learn to come up with their own solutions, gain self-confidence and process emotions.

09.30 - 10.00 - Fruit time

The children sit at the table together to eat fruit and drink water or chamomile tea. We first sing songs to start the day. A song to wish everyone good morning, followed by a song about the days of the week and ending with the fruit song. Depending on the season, in addition to our standard fruit, we also put something sweet through it. Tangerines in the winter or watermelon in the summer. Delicious!

10:00 - 11:45 - Playtime or nap time

After dinner, the little ones go to sleep. Each group has its own bedroom in which the children have their own bed. The older children who no longer need as much sleep can now play. We divide the time between indoor play and outdoor play.

12:00 - Hot meal

Our dear cook makes hot fresh meals daily. She does this at the location itself. The children thank her and then enjoy a nice meal. There is no minimum age for the hot meal. If parents indicate that they have practiced at home, we offer the opportunity to eat with them.

12.00 - 15.00 - Rest time

Before the children go to bed, they practice going on the potty or changing themselves. They do this under the supervision of a leader. Meanwhile, another colleague cleans the group. The children who stay awake play together with clay or other quiet activities. The toddlers who have slept this morning take a second nap at 3:00 pm.

15:15 - Snack

When the children are awake from their afternoon nap, we socialize at the table and eat raw vegetables with sandwiches. Beforehand, we sing again to make the meal time recognizable to the children.

15.30 - 17.00 - Playing together

Playtime!!! We go outside to play in the garden for a while or we play inside. Dancing with dance cloths to children's songs is one of the children's favorite activities.

17.00 - 18.00 - Rush hour

Some parents have already picked up their child, but most arrive around this time. The leaders talk about how the day went. Parents can also use the Parent Portal to see what adventures their children have had.

18.15-18.30 - Cleaning up and closing.

The leaders clean up the groups so that we can start fresh and fruity the next day. They also leave a text for the next day so the next day's leaders can read how it went. The day is finished and the last leaders go home.

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